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“Equality of opportunity” is a beautiful American ideal, but it stands in stark relief to the history of racist policies in the United States—including policies in the St. Louis region. Edited by Molly Metzger, this briefing book aims to broaden opportunity by offering ideas for housing policy change in the majority-white, inner-ring suburbs of St. Louis. The policy works in this collection were written by masters of social work students at Washington University’s Brown School as part of a social-policy course taught by Metzger in partnership with Mayor Laura Arnold of Webster Groves, Missouri, Webster Groves’ Alliance for Interracial Dignity, and Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice. In December 2022, the students presented these ideas to a group of elected officials and other community leaders.

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Inclusive Housing

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Metzger, M. (Ed.). (2023, February). Welcome home: A policy briefing book for housing opportunity in St. Louis County (CSD Research Summary No. 23-07). Washington University, Center for Social Development.


accessory dwelling unit; affordability; affordable housing; African Americans; Alliance for Interracial Dignity; Amal Alzhrani; Black; Black representation; Brittany Kiefer; Brown School; Washington University in St. Louis; building code; Casey Kohlstruk; Center for Social Development; Clayton; Missouri; Columbia Community Land Trust; community engagement; community land trust; construction cost; cottage court; Da-yup Kim; density bonus; real estate development; disinvestment; duplex; equality; equity; exclusionary zoning; Fadya Al Hammam; fair housing; Ferguson Commission; fourplex; Gabby Eissner; historically Black neighborhoods; homeowner; homeownership; housing density; housing market; housing opportunity; housing security; housing stability; identity; impact fee; inclusionary zoning; inner-ring suburb; intergenerational wealth; Janeka Haden; Joseph Roeder; Kirkwood; Missouri; Lillian Murphy; Lindsay Owens; linkage fee; Livi Logan-Wood; Maplewood; Missouri; missing middle; mortgage; multifamily housing unit; mixed-income communities; Nexus study; Olivia Borland; policy; property deed; property records; property rights; property tax; property title; racial equity analysis; racial wealth gap; racism; redlining; residential code; restrictive covenants; Richmond Heights; Missouri; Rock Hill; Missouri; Russell Beckham; Segregation; Shelley v. Kraemer; Shrewsbury; single-family home; Social policy; Stanford Cooper; St. Louis County; St. Louis Real Estate Tax Assistance Fund; St. Louis Tax Relief Coalition; townhome; upzoning; violence; wealth inequality; Webster Groves; Missouri; Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice; zoning; zoning variance ;