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In Africa, population growth, urbanization, and climate change are environmental health challenges of emerging concern. These challenges intersect in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country. Because of gaps in research capacity, data collection, and research funding, data are lacking on extreme weather’s effects on health there.

This brief describes a project to promote the development of collaborative capacity and research in environmental epidemiology in Nigeria. The project will also produce new knowledge on the physical and mental health impacts of weather extremes among residents of Nigeria’s coastal cities, including Lagos, Africa’s most populous city. The project is designed to improve public health by advancing knowledge about the nature and magnitude of environmental health hazards in Nigeria.

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Research Brief


Environment and Social Development


Environment and Social Development

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Ekenga, C. C., Mason, L. R., & Mustapha, A. (2021, December). Environment and health in Nigeria: Capacity and research development (CSD Research Brief No. 21-38). Washington University, Center for Social Development.


Environment and Social Development