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A multimethod study of electoral process and access among registered voters in St. Louis City and County.

This quantitative and qualitative study examines differences in electoral process and access, and how these differences may affect the participation of registered voters, with particular attention to race and income. Disparities in the voting process and access are understood as a form of voter suppression, whether intended or not. The research is community grounded, building on strong researcher–community relationships. Data were collected at a sample of polling locations during the November 2018 elections in St. Louis City and St. Louis County. The analysis examines electoral processes, polling-place infrastructure and conditions, and voting performance at a sample of polling locations that differ by race and income. Results can contribute to policy and practice reforms that reduce inequities in the electoral process and access, with the larger goals of increasing political participation and strengthening democracy.

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Research Report


Civic Engagement and Service


Community and National Service

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McClendon, G. G., Pitzer, K., Sherraden, M., & Aguilar, A. (2019). Will I be able to cast my ballot? Race, income, and voting access on Election Day (CSD Research Report No. 19-36). St. Louis, MO: Washington University, Center for Social Development.


Voter Access and Engagement


St. Louis ; policy ; state policy ; voting

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