Ruth G. McRoy

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Padilla, Yolanda C.; Calvo, Rocío; Goldbach, Jeremy T.; Teasley, Martell L.; Amaro, Hortensia; Armour, Marilyn; Cano, Manuel; Crewe, Sandra E.; Egmont, Westy; Figuereo, Victor J.; Fong, Rowena; Franklin, Cynthia G. S.; Gourdine, Ruby M.; Jackson, John L., Jr.; Joyner, Mit; Kelly, Michael S.; Lubben, James; Ortiz, Larry; Payne, Macheo; Rosales, Robert; Vega, William A.; Villa, Patricia; Walter, Michael D.; Waters, Mary C.

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This brief was created forSocial Innovation for America’s Renewal, a policy conference organized by the Center for Social Development in collaboration with the American Academy of Social Work & Social Welfare, which is leading theGrand Challenges for Social Work initiative to champion social progress. The conference site includes links to speeches, presentations, and a full list of the policy briefs.

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Policy Brief


Social Innovation Partnerships


Grand Challenges for Social Work

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McRoy, R. G., Padilla, Y. C., Calvo, R., Goldbach, J. T., & Teasley, M. L. (with Amaro, H., … Waters, M. C.). (2016, September). Policy recommendations for meeting the Grand Challenge to Achieve Equal Opportunity and Justice (Grand Challenges for Social Work Initiative Policy Brief No. 12). Cleveland, OH: American Academy of Social Work & Social Welfare.



Grand Challenges for Social Work


Grand Challenges for Social Work, American Academy of Social Work & Social Welfare, race, ethnicity, immigrant, undocumented, immigration, African American, disability, educational outcomes, Latin America, Medicaid, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of, policy