Page Avenue Health Impact Assessment: Building on Diverse Partnerships and Evidence to Promote a Healthy Community

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The Page Avenue health impact assessment (HIA) was focused on a redevelopment in Missouri. This case study describes a comprehensive HIA led by an interdisciplinary academic team with community partners, as well as compliance with North American HIA Practice Standards. Some of the key lessons learned included: (1) interdisciplinary teams are valuable but they require flexibility and organization; (2) engaging community stakeholders and decision-makers prior to, during, and following the HIA is critical to a successful HIA; and (3) HIA teams should not be too closely affiliated with decision-makers. It is hoped that this case study will inform future HIAs

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Social Justice


Community and National Service

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Hoehner, C. M., Rios, J., Garmendia, C., Baldwin, S., Kelly, C. M., Knights, D. M., McClendon, G. G. & Tranel, M. (2012). Page Avenue health impact assessment: building on diverse partnerships and evidence to promote a healthy community. Health & Place, 18(1), 85–95. doi:10.1016/j.healthplace.2011.07.005


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policy, public housing, urban