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Service-learning has been identified as an intervention that may address low levels of youth civic engagement. Service-learning is compared to two other interventions that have been associated with civic outcomes: community service and civic education curricula. Studies of these three types of interventions are systematically reviewed and compared, taking into account rigor of designs and methods. Across a range of civic indicators, no clear pattern was found regarding the impact of each intervention. This review highlights the need for increased rigor and sensitivity of measurement in future research on civic development among school-age students.

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Working Paper


Civic Engagement and Service


Community and National Service

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Pritzker, S., & McBride, A. M. (2005). Service-learning and civic outcomes: From suggestive research to program models (CSD Working Paper No. 05-12). St. Louis, MO: Washington University, Center for Social Development.


The Scope and Nature of Service Learning: A Comparative Study of Urban and Suburban Schools


youth service, service learning, volunteerism, research, measurement, urban