Chapter 07: Change from Within: The Science Education Initiative


Chapter 07: Change from Within: The Science Education Initiative


Mark A. McDaniel, Regina F. Frey, Susan M. Fitzpatrick, & Henry L. Roediger III


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The Science Education Initiative (SEI) is a university-funded project to with a goal to achieve highly effective, evidence based education for students by applying the latest advances in pedagogical and organizational excellence. To achieve these goals, the SEI supports work at the departmental level to establish what students should learn, determine what students are actually learning, and improve student learning. The outcomes of SEI work are diverse and include the transformation of a specific course, addressing department and institution cultural issues, researching the impact of pedagogical techniques on learning, and dissemination of course and related materials. In the chapter an example of an SEI course transformation in physics is discussed in detail.

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Chapter 07: Change from Within: The Science Education Initiative