Chapter 08: Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning


Chapter 08: Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning


Mark A. McDaniel, Regina F. Frey, Susan M. Fitzpatrick, & Henry L. Roediger III


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In a POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning) learning environment, students work cooperatively in self-managed small groups of three or four. The group work is focused on activities that are carefully designed and scaffolded to enable students to develop important concepts, or to deepen and refine their understanding of those ideas or concepts. In addition, the learning environment is structured to support the development of process skills - the important learning skills and interpersonal skills that will promote life-long learning and be of great value in the workplace and in life. The instructor’s role is to facilitate the development of student concepts and process skills, not to simply deliver content to the students.

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Chapter 08: Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning