Chapter 10: Some Cognitive Issues in Engineering Design


Chapter 10: Some Cognitive Issues in Engineering Design


Mark A. McDaniel, Regina F. Frey, Susan M. Fitzpatrick, & Henry L. Roediger III


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Design is an important outcome in the engineering curricula and profession. Design courses may first appear to students as freshman or late as seniors depending on universities. With the goals to solve the design process, enhance teamwork, and enhancing communication within and between the team and client, design is integrative, requiring students to engage in a more holistic kind of thinking and resourcefulness. Students are familiar with the domain and the logical progression in textbooks from concept to concept, but the design problem is often not well formulated requiring students to formulate both the problem and consideration before working toward a solution. Teaching design can also be difficult as it requires moving students out of their comfort zone into self-directed and independent world of design. Mathematical modeling is an important aspect of design, and scaffolding appears to be helpful in improving students' abilities to generate and use mathematical models in biomedical engineering senior design. A study of student capabilities followed by a classroom intervention in biomedical engineering design is discussed.

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Chapter 10: Some Cognitive Issues in Engineering Design