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An Action Plan to Preserve U.S. Innovation. This report lays out the issues facing researchers who use liquid helium and the negative impact on U.S. innovation. The report then proposes five key steps that will have a transformative effect on the ability to maintain the ready availability of helium and ensure the vibrancy of the U.S. low-temperature research capability. These recommendations focus on: conservation of helium use; a mechanism to pay for the capital investment required for helium recycling; a mechanism to ensure an appropriate price is paid by researchers for helium; and a methodology which allows researchers to best explore the options available to them. A SCIENCE POLICY REPORT ISSUED BY: American Physical Society, Materials Research Society, American Chemical Society Representing more than 200,000 scientists, engineers, and innovator worldwide. This report was overseen by the APS Panel on Public Affairs (POPA). POPA routinely produces reports on timely topics being debated in government so as to inform the debate with the perspectives of physicists working in the relevant issue areas.


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