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Professional Care Team Burden (PCTB) Scale - Reliability, Validity and Factor Analysis. Copyright: Creative Commons License.

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Auer, S.; Graessel, E.; Viereckl, C.; Kienberger, U.; Span, E.; Luttenberger, K.

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Professional Care Team Burden (PCTB) Scale - Reliability, Validity and Factor Analysis. Copyright: Creative Commons License.

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Health and Quality of Life Outcomes




Feb. 7






PMID: 25881204




BACKGROUND: There is growing concern about how to provide care for persons with dementia in institutions such as nursing homes, day care centers, mobile services and hospitals. Care teams (formal caregivers) have to meet specific expectations from different sides: the Person with Dementia herself, the institution, and from different family members. Out of this situation, considerable burden can emerge hindering the professional development of care team members and counteracting quality of care of care recipients. So far there are very few specific reliable and valid scales measuring burden in care team members. Based on the theoretical concept of subjectively perceived burden, organizationally based factors of burden and structural factors of burden, we report on the construction of a care team burden scale and its scale quality criteria. METHODS: Based on the theoretical three assumed sources of burden, a structured interview guide was developed. Interviews were held with professional caregivers. Through qualitative data analysis, an item pool consisting of 40 Items was constructed. Experts selected 19 items found most appropriate to measure the three theoretically based domains of burden. The Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) was chosen as a criterion in order to test discriminant validity. An exploratory factor analysis was performed. RESULTS: The stepwise scale analysis revealed a 10 item solution. The Cronbach's alpha was 0.785. The Pearson correlation between the PCTB 10 Item scale (mean score 10.2, SD = 5.0) and the PSS (mean score 13.0, SD = 5.9) was 0.46 (p < 0.001). All included items could clearly be assigned to one of three factors. CONCLUSION: The 10 item PCTB scale provides a valid and reliable means of obtaining ratings of burden from formal care teams working in nursing homes in order to evaluate different interventions targeted at the reduction of burden in care teams.