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Cocaine Selective Severity Assessment (CSSA) 1998

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Kampman, Kyle; Volpicelli, Joseph R.; McGinnis, David E.; Alterman, Arthur I.; Weinrieb, Robert M.; D'Angelo, Lisa; Epperson, Louise E.

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Cocaine Selective Severity Assessment (CSSA) 1998

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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute, University of Washington

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Seattle, WA




Scores for the CSSA are obtained by having subjects record the highest intensity and frequency of cocaine craving experienced during the preceeding 24 hours using 90-mm modified visual analog scales. Eight perpendicular hatch marks divided the 90-mm line corresponding to numbers 0 to 7 (see source reference for a diagram of the visual analog scale and hatch marks). The numbered hatch mark closest to the patient's mark was recorded as the score. Typically, 0 represented no symptoms and 7 the most severe. The maximum possible total CSSA Score is 112.