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Prabhu, S., Patterson, D.A., Dulmus, C.N., & Ratheeshkumar, K. S. (2010). Prevalence, nature, context and impact of alcohol use in India: Recommendations for practice and research. Journal of Global Social Work Practice, 3(2) (online)


Presently alcohol policy in India takes a moral stand rather than a scientific approach towards understanding and dealing with the problem of alcoholism. To effectively address this social problem in India, public policy must take into account the nature, extent of the problem and the context in which it occurs. This literature review examines the nature, prevalence and impact of alcohol use and misuse in India, within its historical and cultural contexts, as a beginning step to inform policy. Recommendations for practice and future research directions are suggested.


This is a peer reviewed, manuscript of an article published in Journal of Global Social Work Practice, 3(2), in 2010. Online at:

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