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Social Work

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Journal Article

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Patterson Silver Wolf, D. A., Dulmus, C. N., Maguin, E., & Critalli, M. (2014). Do organizational culture and climate matter for successful client outcomes? Research on Social Work Practice, 24(6), 670-675. DOI: 10.1177/1049731513506616


Objectives: The existing literature on the impact of workplace conditions on client care suggests that good cultures and climates provide the best outcomes for clients. The primary purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between organizational culture and climate and the proportion of children and youth successfully discharged from a large organization in New York State. Method: Thirty-three child and youth programs with existing culture and climate data evaluated outcome information from 1,336 clients exiting its services. Results: Programs reported as having bad culture and climate yielded superior client outcomes, measured as discharge to a lower level of care and successfully completing. Conclusion: This study and its conclusion point to a gap in knowledge concerning the relation between workplace culture and climate and the impact on client care and workers’ perceptions; this warrants further investigation in similar studies of agencies and their outcomes.


This is a peer reviewed, manuscript of an article published in Research on Social Work Practice, in Nov. 2014. The article is available at: 10.1177/1049731513506616