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Fleischmann G, Filipski R, Elgin SC. Isolation and distribution of a Drosophila protein preferentially associated with inactive regions of the genome. Chromosoma. 1987;96(1):83–90. doi:10.1007/bf00285889


The distribution patterns of chromosomal proteins from Drosophila can be observed by immunofluorescent staining of the polytene chromosomes from larval salivary glands. We have purified a non-histone chromosomal protein of Mr = 69,000 molecular weight which has a high affinity for DNA with little sequence specificity. Immunofluorescent staining indicates that this protein is preferentially associated with the inactive portions of the genome, including the centric heterochromatin and the condensed bands within the euchromatic arms of the chromosomes. Observation of both the heat shock loci 87A and 87C and the developmentally regulated loci 74EF and 75B shows an inverse correlation between immunofluorescent staining for the Mr = 69,000 protein and for RNA polymerase. The presence of this protein appears to be correlated with the packaging of the chromatin in an inactive form.


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