Date of Award


Author's School

Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts

Author's Program


Degree Name

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)




My art is the process of translating non-visual phenomena such as emotions and memories into a visual language built from shape, form, and, especially, color. The visuals draw from places rich with personal history. I first explored this through painting and drawing, but in January my material understanding, and the works’ broader implications were reconstructed after tearing my ACL. I discovered knitting first as a form of therapy, then soon after as a material that brought new meaning to my artistic endeavors. Knitting taught me lessons about gesture, gender, color, and craft, that then led me back to painting.

My BFA in Studio Art Thesis is an account of translating my work into three sweaters, and then rediscovering painting. Its goal is to further my pursuits of finding a most fulfilling visual strategy for expressing emotion.

Mentor/Primary Advisor

Michael Byron