Date of Award

Spring 5-2-2018

Author's School

Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts

Author's Program


Degree Name

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)




Through my work “A New World Order,” I question the extent to which the color Millennial Pink changes our perceptions of objects and even influences our unconscious decisions, by imagining what it would look like if on the institutional level pink’s “feminizing” power is put into good use – to reduce perceived violence for a kinder society –in a fictional feminist utopia/dystopia. In this paper, I will be contextualizing my art practice with the complex implications of pink in realms of psychology, pop culture, politics and participation art, and how social construction about the color pink affects gender performance. This paper will be broken down into three concepts that inform my work: Pink Spaces, Camouflage & Violence, Propaganda & Illusion of Democracy, and I will also discuss the participatory element that merges these three concepts into a cohesive experience for the viewers.

Mentor/Primary Advisor

Lisa Bulawsky

Artist's Statement

Yuwei Pan is a multi-media artist and designer living and working in Saint Louis, Missouri. Born in 1996, she was raised in both the city of Fuzhou, China and in her grandparents’ home in a small mountain town. She moved to St. Louis, Missouri in 2014 to study fine art at Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts. In combining traditional mediums with digital manipulation, personal identity with global politics, and the familiar with the unexpected, she attempts to make a diverse body of work whose depth and complexity is accompanied by humor and grace. This humor eases social tension and creates dialogue, as the imperfections and awkwardness ridicule the absurdness of reality, in both the micro personal level and the macro social-political climate. Her work has been exhibited both in university exhibitions and student-curated shows. Outside her studio practice, she is involved in many non-profit organizations, like Sharing With A Purpose and Saint Louis Story Stitchers Artists Collective.