Date of Award

Spring 5-19-2017

Author's School

Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts

Author's Program

Art (Photography)

Degree Name

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)




Who Would You Be? examines the interplay between person and persona, relationship building, and artist-sitter dynamics. By placing contemporary sitters in the context of historical portraiture conventions, it seeks to lead viewers to consider the issue of self-absorption and vanity in social media profiles from a different angle. Additionally, this project became a way to enhance the quality of my personal relationships with those involved through providing a space to interact and creating a link for them between myself and each other.

Mentor/Primary Advisor

Lisa Bulawsky

Artist's Statement

Kyle Strobel’s work seeks to spread happiness and raise intrigue. He accomplishes this by engaging participants in his art with prompts and by creating projects set within parameters designed to slightly alter perceptions of everyday life. He believes a work of art can present the feelings associated with a certain experience while simultaneously offering ways to deal with and process those feelings. Following in this belief, he thinks art has the ability to act as a mirror, both reflecting and informing all aspects of the human experience, and his work tends to deal with curiosity and happiness. Strobel’s primary drive for creating art is the joy experienced when one of his works sparks a creative conversation, causes one to consider alternate angles, or even just brings a smile to a face.