Date of Award

Spring 5-20-2016

Author's School

Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts

Author's Program

Art (Photography)

Degree Name

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)




Abstraction as a Form of Redaction acts as an explanation of the personal and conceptual basis of my three bodies of work titled the dimension of intimacy, notations of the mind, and medical signifiers. Examining contemporary art through the lens of the self, I have created work that is present in conversations about intimacy, abstraction, self-portraiture, and feminism. Though my work does not directly address contemporary feminism, I am using this work to reclaim my body, my mind, and my space as an act of agency. The work, when looked at as a compilation, functions as an autobiography. All of the pieces in my thesis work are self-portraits. I have removed myself from the work to create a sense of withholding. I am interested in the wall that forms due to this withholding and the ways in which people react to it.

Mentor/Primary Advisor

Lisa Bulawsky