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Spring 5-2013

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Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

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Liberal Arts

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University College

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Master of Liberal Arts (MLA)

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Directed Research Project


In this paper, I will explore the impact of multiple cultures, climate and available resources on the architecture of New France. I will begin with early settlements of Nova Scotia and Québec, and follow the Mississippi River down to New Orleans. These early French settlements in the new world struggled to retain their identities in the face of English and Spanish control. Although Canadian territories were affected by English possession, they were the most successful in retaining a French influence. Even today, French is the official language of Québec, and the Catholic religion remains an important part of everyday life in ceremony and tradition. Québec is known as a central Francophone territory in North America with French architectural tradition still incorporated in new building techniques. While French architectural remnants can still be seen from past settlements along the Mississippi River and the port of New Orleans, the former predominant styles have long died out in society leaving only a historical reference to a time that has passed.


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Stamos Metzidakis

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