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Spring 5-15-2015

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Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

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International Affairs

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University College

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Master of Arts (AM/MA)

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I will examine the transformation of the Ethiopian staple of teff into the global economy as a highly sought after commodity. In doing so I consider the effect of this change on the local, regional and international communities and the consequences of the 2006 Ethiopian export ban on teff grain and teff flour as it relates to food and nutritional security and economic development in Ethiopia. To take advantage of the economic opportunities presented by the growing domestic and international demand of teff and to address domestic food and nutrition security, I conclude that Ethiopia should focus on improving methods of producing teff by promoting investment in the domestic teff industry, opening up and expanding its teff market internationally.


English (en)

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Andrew C. Sobel

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Marvin Marcus, Imdat Ozen


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Food Security Commons