Date of Award

Spring 5-2023

Author's School

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Author's Department

Germanic Languages and Literatures

Degree Name

Master of Arts (AM/MA)

Degree Type

Thesis DLA


This master thesis explores the moon motif in contemporary poetry in relation to its literary history. Contemporary poetry is understood as poetry after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. My research seeks to provide an overview of the moon motif in German contemporary literature where hitherto only scholarship on Durs Grünbein has considered the importance of the moon motif.

Therefore, this work taxonomically explores the functions of the moon motif in general instead of aiming at a close reading of selected poems. I am taking a stance against the notion that the moon motif and the fascination for the moon is no longer relevant in present culture. To clarify, it is important to look at both, the history of the fascination for the moon and the history of the moon as a motif in the first part of this work.


German (de)

Chair and Committee

Lynne Tatlock

Committee Members

Matt Erlin Kurt Beals Matthias Göritz