Date of Award

Spring 5-15-2022

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Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

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Romance Languages and Literature: Hispanic Studies

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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This dissertation chronicles the revitalization of the avant-garde across the long 1960s in Latin America among a range of art collectives, poetry movements, magazines, and poetic texts. Each chapter examines a neo-avant-garde poetic project that engages translation--transfer across language, space, or time, in which the original undergoes a change--in response to the anti-imperialist revolutionary imperative. The project moves between Caracas, Lima, Mexico City, and Buenos Aires, with Havana constantly in view, balancing local, regional, and hemispheric lenses. These case studies inform this dissertation's overarching theory of neo-avant-garde re/turn, as relational mode historicized within the long '60s wherein avant-garde copy re/writes, re/articulates, or re/routes original avant-garde source. Radical Re/Turns traces these inter-avant-garde dialogues to then explore translation as material practice within neo-avant-garde poetic projects in the context of the inter-American Cold War. Bridging Latin American literary studies and literary translation studies, this dissertation aims to rethink poetic neo-avant-gardes within the long '60s and to reframe repetition and translation as revolutionary activities.


English (en)

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Ignacio Infante

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Michelle Clayton


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