Topographies of Sexuality: Space, Movement, and Gender in German Literature and Film Since 1989

Date of Award

Spring 5-15-2011

Author's School

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Author's Department

Germanic Languages and Literatures

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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My dissertation focuses on works by one film director and five authors who thematize travel and sexuality in their respective work: Fatih Akin, Judith Hermann, Christian Kracht, Bodo Kirchhoff, Angela Krauß, and Emine Sevgi Özdamar. Not all of 4 the primary texts discussed in my dissertation can be categorized as travel literature or film; however, all feature topoi of that genre: mobility, a heightened awareness of space, the crossing of borders and boundaries, and a keen awareness of the body in the foreign environment.


English (en)

Chair and Committee

Lutz Koepnick

Committee Members

Mary Ann Dzuback, Paul Michael Lützeler, Erin McGlothlin, Lynne Tatlock, Martina Wagner-Egelhaaf


Permanent URL: https://doi.org/10.7936/K79S1P0M

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