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Winter 12-15-2018

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Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

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Social Work

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Brown School

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Adolescence is a critical period of development in its own right and can be more challenging for Black adolescents. The best strategies for assisting Black adolescents to navigate this time period and thrive are underdeveloped. This study examined the relationships among family support, Black identity, and everyday discrimination, perceived stress, self-efficacy, life satisfaction, and anxiety. Additionally, household income was explored as a moderator. The results suggest that family support and Black identity are both key to improved socioemotional outcomes and that increased financial well-being may provide additional benefits to Black adolescents.


English (en)

Chair and Committee

Vetta Sanders Thompson

Committee Members

Garret Duncan, Shenyang Guo, Darrell Hudson, Michael Sherraden,


Permanent URL: https://doi.org/10.7936/wfje-c361

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