Date of Award

Spring 5-15-2018

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Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

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English and American Literature

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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This dissertation proposes a Catholic history of the eighteenth-century English novel. Situating realist fiction as a form deeply imbricated in a metaphysical conflict over the truth of human creations, I draw upon the iconic to describe the ways in which texts such as Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, Jane Barker’s patchwork fictions, Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto, and Elizabeth Inchbald’s A Simple Story position themselves as fictions and as art. Rather than identifying a specifically Catholic literary form, I argue that Catholicism – both its doctrines and the discourses surrounding it – set the terms through which fiction writers conceptualized their formal innovations in the eighteenth century.


English (en)

Chair and Committee

Wolfram Schmidgen

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Geremy Carnes, Joseph Loewenstein, William McKelvy, Abram Van Engen,


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