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Spring 5-18-2018

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Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

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Master of Arts (AM/MA)

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Every function possesses an inherent topological property: the number of times it links about the x-axis in the three-dimensional space of its complex solution range crossed with its real domain. The up-and-down oscillations of entirely real-valued functions are a degenerate signature of this winding.

Hermitian and unbroken PT-symmetric Schrodinger equations possess eigenfunctions with winding numbers that are well-ordered with respect to their eigenvalue number. As a system passes through PT-symmetry-breaking singular points, this order breaks down in a characteristic manner. Non-Hermitian systems lacking symmetries do not exhibit well-defined winding order.

It is possible to map the relationship between an initial-value or parameter space of a differential-equation system to the winding numbers of the solutions to which each parameter value gives rise. This topological structure aids in the understanding of certain nonlinear and partial differential equations.


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Carl Bender

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Michael Ogilvie, Zohar Nussinov


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