Inaugurated as the St. Louis Law Review in 1915 and retitled the Washington University Law Quarterly in 1936, the Washington University Law Review is a student-run academic journal that publishes six issues per year. Our staff selects and edits articles from legal scholars, practitioners, and students, and we welcome submissions on any legal topic.

Current Issue: Volume 91, Issue 6 (2014)



Table of Contents

General Information


Editor in Chief
Elizabeth Miller

Managing Editor
Natalie Chan

Associate Managing Editor
Sarah Walton

Articles Editors
Natasha Wilson(Chief)
Isaac Chaput
Brad Crow
Ethan Hatch
Anna Tkacheva
Lauren Weinberg

Senior Executive Editors
Jeff Sanford
Kevin Simpson
Mandy Stein

Notes Editors
Rebecca Morton (Chief)
Michael Harriss
Marina Shturmakov
Derek Wiseman

Commentaries Editor
Colleen Davis

Executive Editors
Kent Hayden (Chief)
Paige Burnham
Sean Craig
Devin Dippold
Jared Jedick
Matt Newman
Paul Trim
Honghui Yu

Competition & Development Editor
Mary Beth Dolan