Submission Guidelines for Digital Research Materials (Data & Supplemental files)

Data Interview Questions

Use these questions to generate metadata and information that will effectively showcase data sets.
1. Who is the creator of the data (University affiliation and department)
    1.1 Does it include pre-existing data?
        1.1.1 If yes, from whom? How did you obtain access? Is use subject to conditions?
    1.2 Is there the possibility of ongoing additions to the data?

2. What is the title of the file?
    2.1 What is the file format and approximate size?
    2.2 Is specialized software required to view the data? (What tools or software are used to create/process/analyze/visualize the data?)
    2.3 Are there external standards for formatting/interoperability/sharing relevant to the data? (e.g. NIfTI)

3. Does it have a DOI or unique identifier?

Project Information
4. Describe the project (provide a summary):
    4.1 Does the data contain any private or restricted information (that would fall under FERPA, HIPAA, or other IRB protocols)?
        4.1.1 Involve human subjects, confidential info, classified gov’t info, trade secrets, culturally sensitive material, etc?
        4.1.2 Other commitments made by researchers?
5. Who are the funders?
    5.1 Was it funded through corporate, federal or other external sponsors administered by WashU?
        5.1.1 What is the grant number?

Rights Information
6. Who owns the rights to the data?
    6.1 Has there been submission to University (through OTM) for determination of rights, or other disclosures?
    6.2 Who controls the data? (e.g. PI, student, lab, University, funder), and at what level?

7. What type of rights would you like to assign to your dataset?
    7.1 Are there relevant data sharing requirements or mandates? (e.g. grant-funding agency, journal, subject-area community, domain-based repository)?
    7.2 Who would be interested in your data in the future? What are its foreseeable uses?
    7.3 Under what conditions will you make data available for re-use?
        7.3.1 Assign CC license? Restrict to non-commercial use?

8. When was/will the data be released? Are there embargo periods?
    8.1 When will you publish the data? Where? Before or after formal publication of related article?
    8.2 Is there right-of-first-use for data collector, creator, or PI?

9. What other content should be linked to this data (publication, website, etc.)?
    9.1 What is the relationship between the linked content and the dataset?

10. Are there any additional files you’d like to attach to this data (codebook, data dictionary, etc.)?

For more information, contact Cynthia Hudson Vitale, Digital Data Outreach Librarian